La collection gastronomique

La collection gastronomique


Publisher: HeHe

Inspired by the expressions of women passing by on the streets of Paris, Makiko Tanaka began making portraits of the Parisiennes she encountered one piece per day soon after arriving in Paris. Since then, her motif has shifted from “faces” to “objects” in her surroundings to “chinaware” to something that goes inside it, like soup, which marked the beginning of her “food” series.
Discovering all the alluring food materials and dishes of various cultures is one of the quintessential Paris experiences. It has become a source of inspiration that never seems to run dry for Tanaka, fueling her to continue drawing these portraits everyday to this day.
This book will be her first picture book, which consists of two parts: 90 food drawings and 29 portraits of women, carefully selected from over 700 drawings.
Girls dancing on dishes and expressive faces of women of various origins, together, tell a carefree, beautiful, relaxing story.

― Statement from publisher

Book Size
240 x 182 mm
164 pages (with 119 color plats)
Publication Date
English, Japanese