Painting for 12 months

Painting for 12 months

Keisuke KONDO

Publisher: HeHe

Inspired by Tsukinami-e, a classic form of Japanese screen painting in twelve panels, Japanese painter Keisuke Kondo has started a project “Painting for 12 months” since September 2013. Through this project, Kondo has created and displayed one set of new work month by month. Those works come with variety of texts by twelve writers and that flavors this project with multi colors. Published commemorating the 12th month therefore completion of the project, this volume presents all 12 works and texts collectively in one place for the first time, like a book version of Tsukinami-e, depicting contemporary scenes of local colors.

While keeping painting every day, I notice that I am feeling certain sensations that I’ve never felt in my daily life. I learn something new. Seeing things like seeing from inside the paintings I draw, feeling strokes of a brush sneaked into my daily lives, or feeling like I am painting sequel to a dream that someone had last night, or the other way, a conversation I had a little while ago shapes a form and painted in color on my campus – line between painting and reality seems to have been blurred. Like my hands, clothes, or wall of studio get dirty by paints when carrying campus while it is still wet, or the other way around that fiber of clothes or dust in the air get mixed in paints and painted on the campus.
― Excerpts from publisher

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204 x 148 mm
80 pages
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978-4-908062-01-8 C0071