He Yining (1986), researcher, writer and curator of photographic art and visual culture based in Tianjin, China. Graduate of London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Her previous curatorial practise is principally focused on the way in which photography is able to freely straddle the boundaries of fine art, responding to and raising questions about contemporary and historical social issues through effective, diverse, and interdisciplinary means. Yining’s exhibitions have been held in museums, art museums, and photography festivals in China and Europe, including: “China Imagined” (BredaPhoto 2020, Grote Kerk, Breda, Netherland), “Between Mountains, Hills and Lakes” (2020, Design Society), “The Abode of Anamnesis” (2019, OCAT Institute), the 3rd Beijing Photo Biennale (2018, CAFA Art Museum), “The Port and The Image: Documenting China’s Harbor Cities” (2017, China Port Museum), “A Fictional Narrative Turn” (2016, Jimei Arles International Photo Festival),and the “50 Contemporary Photobooks from China 2009-2014” (2015, FORMAT 15 international Photo Festival, UK).

Publications include Photography in the British Classroom, and The Port and the Image, among others. Her Translations include Photography and Travel, Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography (forthcoming), Art and Photography (forthcoming), and Artists Who Make Books (forthcoming) and few others. Furthermore, her latest research attempts to discuss the construction, application and development of image algorithms in the creation of photographs at the intersection of photography, media ecology and technical philosophy in China.

In early 2014, He Yining launched the Go East Project, which aims to promote contemporary Chinese photography in the West through blogs, exhibitions, and publications. The Go East Project seeks to support young photographers through the establishment of an international platform that explores the infinite possibilities of photography. Yining has worked as an art consultant to Brownie Art Photography since 2016.

Books from HE Yining