Based in Tokyo.
Photographer and the director of the alternative space "The White" from 2014 to the present.
He participated in the Osamu Kanemura workshop.
Sawada uses the recording and mechanical properties of the camera to discover new ways of looking at things unrecognized by everyday vision. He has been working continuously on the "closed circuit" project since 2011. He makes large prints of photographs taken in public places (train stations) familiar to many people. He displays them in a layered manner in the exhibition space. As viewers walk among the photographs, the images interfere with each other. The artist attempts to create a new landscape by deconstructing and reconstructing relationships.
Significant exhibitions include "αM Project 2017 - Mirrors and Holes - Photography into Sculpture." vol. 2 (curator: Yuri Mitsuda / 2017 / αM / Tokyo), "space/guide/volume" (2021 / CAVE-AYUMIGALLERY / Tokyo), "Export / Import" supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy (2021 / The White / Tokyo and ps. K_ot / Amsterdam and the Royal Netherlands Embassy / Tokyo) a year-long series of monthly exhibitions titled "closed circuit, monthly vol.1- vol12" (The Gallery / Tokyo) and ”Biennale de l'image tangibles" (2021 / Paris).
He participated in "New York Art Book Fair" in New York (2018), “Hong Kong Art Book Fair” in Hong Kong (2019) and “SWAB Art Fair" in Barcelona (2022).
In 2017, his photo book "closed circuit" was published by his label; in 2018, “substance" was published by RONDADE; and in 2021participated in "c-site.3 : Other 他者” published by da大 in print.

Books from Ikuhisa SAWADA