Photographer / Film director

Mika Ninagawa has been accredited with some prestigious photography awards including the most authoritative photography award “Kimura Ihei Photography Award”, in Japan. Her solo exhibition ‘Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors’ was one of the most talked-about topics since the exhibition recorded the highest turnout in the photography exhibition history in Japan.

Her aesthetic and work extended beyond the photography itself, she went onto engaging in fashion collaboration projects with Celine and mastermind JAPAN amongst others. In 2007, she directed her first film “SAKURAN” to start off her career as a film director. ‘MIKA NINAGAWA’, her photography book was published overseas for the first time in cooperation with Rizzoli N.Y. in 2010.

Her second film “Helter Skelter” became the most searched film on the web in 2013. 

Mika Ninagawa is represented by Tomio Koyama Gallery as an artist. Mika has released a free iPhone and Android application called “cameran” whereby images taken can be decorated with the distinctive Mika Ninagawa photography style.

Books from Mika NINAGAWA