Japanese, b. 1981
Momo Okabe was born in Tokyo in 1981 and received her B.F.A. in photography from Nihon University of Art in 2004. Her work has been nominated by many prestigious competitions in Japan including:
Special Award “The 8th Exhibition of New Cosmos of Photography selected Nobuyoshi Araki “, P3 art and environment, Tokyo, 1999.
Fine prize for” the 19th 3.3㎡ Exhibition”, Guardian Garden Tokyo, 2002.
Excellent Work Prize “Color Imaging Contest of EPSON”, Tokyo International Forum, 2004.
Fine work prize “The 30th Exhibition of New Cosmos of Photography ”, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2007.
Special Jury Prize , “Color Imaging Contest of EPSON selected by Masafumi Sanai” EPSON, Tokyo, Japan, 2009.
Selected for Yokohama Photo Festival Exhibition, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, 2010.
Selected for Tokyo Portfolio Review Exhibition, NADiff A/P/A/R/T,Tokyo, 2010.
winning the Foam Paul Huf Award, 2015, Photography Museum Amsterdam, 2015

“DILDO” (session press, 2013) selected for 2013 PHOTOEYE BEST PHOTOBOOK by Hisako Motoo.
“BIBLE” (session press, 2014) selected for KASSEL PHOTOBOOK AWARD 2014 by Manik Katyal; PHOTOEYE BEST BOOK 2014 by Colin Pantall and Manik Katyal; CLAXTON PROJECTS FOURTEEN PHOTOBOOK HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014 by Tom Clarxton, EMAHO MAGAZINE MOST INTERESTING BOOKS OF 2014 by Hisako Motoo.

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