Born in Osaka in 1977 and raised in Nara. In 2009, Takeshi Dodo published photographs taken on remote islands all over Japan in the photobook “Force of the Islands” and held exhibitions in Paris, Portugal, Mexico and at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. The same year, he relocated from Tokyo to Nara. He published the book “Beast in Silence”, photographed mainly in the south of Nara Prefecture, and exhibited the series in galleries in Tokyo and Osaka. In 2017, Dodo moved with his family to Kawakami in Nara Prefecture. In May 2021, Case Publishing published Takeshi Dodo’s latest book “Life Eternal”, in which he captures the purity of his new life in Kawakami.


1977 Born in Osaka, Japan
1999 Graduate of Visual Arts Osaka
1999 Joined IINO Media Pro
2000 Assistant of ZIGEN


2009 “Force of the Islands”
2015 “Beast in Silence”
2017 “Live with Recycling”
2021 “Life Eternal”

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2001 「Tibetan Way」NIKON salon / Tokyo・Osaka
2005 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.1」Saisyunkan Gallery / Tokyo
2007 「Tokyo Vol.01」Gallery Kaido / Tokyo
2007 「The Mourning forest / MOGARI」agnes b / Paris France・Tokyo
2008 「Tokyo Vol.02」Gallery Kaido / Tokyo
2008 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.2」Gallery Kaido / Tokyo
2009 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.3」Gallery Kaido / Tokyo
2009 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.4」Gallery Kaido / Tokyo
2009 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.5」Visual Arts Gallery / Osaka
2009 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.6」Gallery Kaido / Tokyo
2010 「Island in the stream」Athens Gallery / Osaka
2010 「Raven」Gallery KODOJI / Tokyo
2011 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.7」Visual Arts Gallery / Osaka
2012 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.8」Gallery KODOJI / Tokyo
2013 「JAPANESE ISLANDS Vol.9」Gallery KODOJI / Tokyo
2015 「Beast in Silence」NIKON salon / Tokyo・Osaka
2015 「Ocean current」KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA / Tokyo
2016 「Beast in Silence + Ocean current」Visual Arts Gallery / Nagoya
2017 「Days in NARA」Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City / Nara
2018 「Live with recycling」CANON Gallery / Tokyo・Nagoya・Osaka

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009「Voyages」Maison de la culture du Japon / Paris France
2009「Voyages」Tokyo Metropolitan MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY / Tokyo
2010「DODO EXHIBITION」Gallery Kaido / Tokyo
2010「GAW Exhibition part7-Nishiwaki」/ Hyogo
2011「Young portfolio」Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts / Yamanashi
2012「Quiet Boys」MIO PHOTO / Osaka
2012「Dali International Photography Exhibition」/ Dali China
2013「Young portfolio」Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts / Yamanashi
2013「GAW Exhibition part8-Shinjyuku 」/ Tokyo
2014「Basically Forever」Tokyo Metropolitan MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY / Tokyo
2016「Gelatin Silver Session」 Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City / Nara
2017 「The 9th Gelatin Silver Session」AXIS GALLERY / Tokyo
2019 「The 10th Gelatin Silver Session」AXIS GALLERY / Tokyo
2019 「FUJIFILM ACROS x 39 Photographers」 FUJI FILM SQUARE / Tokyo
2019 「KAIDO Exhibition」WALL gallery / Ulsan Korea


Tokyo Metropolitan MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts

Books from Takeshi DODO

Dream Boat

Shunji DODO, Arata DODO, Takeshi DODO