Born in Fukuoka, Japan. Since his debut series of teen portraits “Shimano Hohoemi” taken in Amami islands, Okinawa released in 1998, he has been producing series on out islands throughout Japan. His first book “Shimano Hohoemi”which his previous series got compiled together, was published with Joho Center Publishing in 2001, and in 2004 the second photo book “Sima-jima” was published with Little More. Upon publication of the revised edition of “Shinajima”with FOIL in 2008, its exhibition toured in various districts. Released the new series of underwater portraits entitled“BREATHLESS”with FOIL in 2012 and had the exhibition entitled the same above at FOIL GALLERY in Kyoto and AL in Tokyo.


2001 - “To the Lighthouse” Joho Center Publishing, Japan
2004 - “Sima-jima” Little More, Japan
2005 - “why you are not alone” National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Japan
2008 - “To the Lighthouse” FOIL, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1998 - “To the Lighthouse Okinawa”, Gallery Nayuta, Kanagawa
1998 - “To the Lighthouse”, Guardian Garden, Tokyo
1999 - “Shonan kimi to boku”, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
2001 - “I LOVE BONIN”, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
2002 - “fune”, epSITE, Tokyo
2002 - “To the Lighthouse”, Athens Shinsaibashi (Osaka), Aoyama Book Center (Tokyo), Konica Plaza Sapporo (Sapporo), FM Fukuoka GAYA (Fukuoka)
2004 - “Sima-jima”, Little More Gallery, Tokyo
2008 - “To the Lighthouse”, FOIL GALLERY, Tokyo
2008 - “To the Lighthouse”, BBB POTTERS, Fukuoka
2012 - “BREATHLESS”, AL, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2000 - “Hinata-Kanata” (two persons exhibition with Rinko Kawauchi) Landmark Tower,Tower Gallery, Kanagawa
2001 - “Konica STAGE NEXT”, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
2002 - “The Month of Photography,Tokyo 2002″, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo
2003 - “JAPAN Contemporary Ceramics and Photography Tradition and Presence” Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany
2004 - “Ginza Photo Street 1930s/2004″ House of Shiseido, Tokyo
2004 - “Pingyao International Photography Festival”, Pingyao, China
2005 - “kid’s wear 10th Anniversary Exhibition”, Gallery for Fashion Photography Viaux (Berlin and Hamburg, Germany), The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (Bradford, Great Britain)
2005 - “why you are not alone”, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo
2010 - “Alive birth of a tale”, Gallery FACTORY, Seoul, South Korea
2011 - “FOIL”, hpgrp gallery, New York, America

Books from Yoichi NAGANO