Currently a Director of SPACE22 and as the CEO of Siga Architect, Yoon Seun-jun participates in various architecture projects. Born in 1956 in Seoul, he studied architectural engineering at Hanyang University and master’s degree in photography at the Graduate School of Hankyong National University. Beginning the study of photography in 2010, he has since participated in various group and solo exhibitions, including "Automatic Description" in 2014, "Here to There" in 2017, and "Code Blue" in 2019. As a member of the social public interest group, Dream Flower Factory, he continues to create photography, with his major interest being a space and changing landscape of modern society.


2019 - "Code Blue" Case Publishing, Tokyo

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 - "Code Blue" The Reference, Seoul
2017 - "Here to There" Onground gallery, Seoul
2014 - "Automatic Description" Space22, Seoul
2014 - "Automatic Description, Seohakdong Photo Studio, Jeonju (South Korea)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 - "The Shadow Play" Totem Pole Photo Gallery, Tokyo
2017 - "The 10th JeonJu INT’L Photo Festival COLLECTION" Space Noon, JeonJu (South Korea)
2017 - "Reappearing Memories" ArtHelix Gallerym, Brooklyn
2015 - "Not Able to Live, Struggle to Live, and Dream" Mehyang-ri returned U.S. Army Unit, Hwasung
2015 - "Birth of a Scene" Gallery Lux, Seoul
2014 - "Project City of Glass" Gallery93-1, Suwon
2013 - "International Conference on Alleys" Seoul Museum of History, Seoul
2013 - "Seeing Hope on the Edge of Despair" Seoul Metro Gallery, Seoul
2013 - "One Thousand Towns, One Thousand Memories" Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

Books from YOON Seung Jun