Publisher: Shogakukan

In the seventies, Harajuku had just begun to produce fashion, music was enjoying its height of creativity, a new culture filled the air with excitement, the era itself meant youth; a variety of creations were born without sponsors or funds, but out o youthful energy and taste. “Let’s have fun!” they thought, their attitude was pure.

-Excerpt Non Nakamura, 70' Harajuku

70’ Harajuku compiles a wonderful collection of images which captured the landscape and individuals who filled the streets of Harajuku in the symbolic era of the 1970s. Brought together by Fashion stylist Non Nakamura, the publication contains photographs by Alao Yokogi, Goro Some, Mike Nogami, Taishi Hirokawa, Jyoji Ide, Herbie Yamaguchi, Kiyoshi Tatsukawa, Gulliver, and Takeshi Ishikawa within the photobook. The images present a time witnessed and lived by the young, spirited individuals whom found themselves living their youth during a time of intense change and rebirth marked by the end of Japan’s post-war period. Amongst the economic and cultural changes, the photographs capture a youth lived within a time which witnessed the end of the Vietnam War, the return of Okinawa to Japan from the U.S, the development of musical culture from the 60s, a cultural climate which gave birth to Japan’s first fashion stylist Yasuko Takahashi and folk rolk band Happy End. 70’ Harajuku is a beautiful reminder of youth, creation and re-birth.

Keywords: Urban Snapshot

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