A Grand Polyphony

A Grand Polyphony


Publisher: akaaka-sha

Capture Okinawa, surpass “Okinawa”. The vibrant chaos of a new generation.

The snapshots of Ryuichi Ishigawa collected under the word Polyphony (plurality of sounds) all show aspects of the artist’s daily life on the Okinawa islands of Japan. While, naturally, the photographs capture Okinawa in all its forms, the current life and it’s history, they are teeming with an overwhelming and universal energy that surpasses the confines of the group tropic islands.

From within the polyphonic dazzle of every thing in the universe, “each its own existence, carrying its own merit, insisting itself on the other”, an invisible thread rises to the surface, in it embedded the mutual relationships of all things unconnected.

The impact of a loss of words, like the moment of collision in an accident.

Born from this, the intense actuality of himself against reality.

A shivering of the heart, a tenderness of a living being trying to drink in to the very extent of its ability all the things before its eyes —

Here it is, a superb view of life that releases its viewer from all imprisonment.


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Book Size
285 × 297 mm
160 pages
Art Derection
Hikari Machiguchi
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Decades No.1: 2000_20 Issue

Ai IWANE, Miyako ISHIUCHI, Antoine d'AGATA, Eric, SHEN Chao-Liang , Ryuichi ISHIKAWA, Seung Woo BACK, LUO Dan, Jinhee KIM, Mandela HUDSON