A Spell Too Far

A Spell Too Far

David Brandon GEETINGLina Sun PARK

Publisher: Same Paper

Glimpses of a strange otherworld, created in the surreal conditions of 2020 and 2021.

Finding themselves bound to their home, the artist/photographer couple Lina Sun Park and David Brandon Geeting have collaborated to create the photobook “A Spell Too Far”. Through creative use of food, household items and other ready-at-hand props, they produced magical settings, unfamiliar situations and imaginative scenes that still keep a loose but palpable connection to our reality. The title hints at the world described through their works: a magic spell gone awry, things having become a little too peculiar, as if in an odd dream.

In “A Spell Too Far” inventively demonstrates that access to the world of the surreal can be found virtually anywhere, even in a roll of toilet paper.


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Book Size
272 × 210 mm
64 pages
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