Afghanistan 1977

Afghanistan 1977



This publication contains a collection of photographs taken by Yoshiaki Nagashima during his travels in Afghanistan in 1977. The images contain scenes taken in areas such as Kabul, Qashaqeh, Kunduz and Herat. They portray life in its truest form through the lens of the camera and the eye of Nagashima. Here Nagashima attempts to portray a view of the country that lies far beyond that of contemporary portrayals. The portaits of everyday life and those of whom Nagashima encountered during his travels contrast to the imagery of which the country has been associated with post 9/11. Nagashima's photographs contained within this publication provide the viewer a look into the landscapes and cultural history of a country and its individuals undisturbed and untouched by todays media coverage.

"I've been travelling around the world for all these years adn whever I am, every time I hear about the disastrous condition of the area, I remember the faces of the children. Afghanistan today attracts the attention of the world thanks to the news about wars and terrorism. But, strangely enough, its true face is not known to the public. The land surrounded by the mountains of the Hindu Khush has a great scenic beauty. It is known as a crossroad of civilizations, and it attracts public interest when viewed from the religious, historic and ethnic perspectives. But since a military coup d'etat took place in 1978 and that was followed by the Soviet invasion, Afghanistan has been at war for thirty years; during the past three decades, the civil war was intensified, the US launched aerial bombing, and terrorism spread. There's still a long way for peace. I haven't accomplished the promise I made to the children yet."

  • Yoshiaki Nagashima excerpt from Afghanistan 1977
Keywords: Travel Snapshot


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