After the Thaw

After the Thaw


Publisher: akaaka-sha

A collection of images taken by Tomoko Yoneda during her trip to Hungary and Estonia. Originally it was published as part of the photobook series 「In-between」 at the EU-Japan Fest, and now is being re-published along with the addition of 38 more unpublished photographs.
Tomoko Yoneda’s works are based on one of the fundamental roles of photography as a record, but also reflect upon what does not exist, such as the memories and history of the place. Hungary, rich in water, and deep green Estonia. After long times of resistance, the two countries gained independence and democratized after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Behind the tranquil images of the landscapes, there is a violent storm of the past hidden. After 10 years since the shooting, in the middle of an unstable international situation, with wishes for the future, we will publish this critical photobook “After the Thaw”.


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Book Size
249 x 271 mm
144 pages
Art Derection
Hideki Nakajima
Publication Date
May 2014

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