American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams

American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams

Robert ADAMS

Publisher: Aperture

In more than 175 photographs from his most important series, “American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams” investigates Robert Adams’ photographs of the western American landscape.

Beginning with works that seek to reveal the inherent, enduring beauty of the land, its peace and its harmony, the book offers photographs that imbue the prairie, the woods, the fields with a sense of the sacred. As the book progresses, signs of human progress begin to intensify. Adams is no opponent to human advancement into nature but his compelling photographs of the urban sprawl, strip malls, highways, homes and stores do raise profound question of our responsibility to the land and to the moral dilemma surrounding civilizational progress.

In addition to Robert Adams’ photographs, “American Silence” includes a foreword by Kaywin Feldman, comprehensive texts about Adams’ work by Sarah Greenough, an essay by Terry Tempest Williams as well as extensive notes and additional information on Robert Adams’ life and the included photographs.

“Robert Adams has been led by Beauty on what could be seen as the spiritual path of the artist as he followed forms of light again and again through the depths of darkness, even his own. Never easy, but often, glorious. We are the beneficiaries of his focus. He is a trustworthy companion. I choose to walk with him.”
― from Terry Tempest Williams’ essay “The Art of Not Looking Away”

Keywords: American Landscape


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