ASAKUSA 2011-2016

ASAKUSA 2011-2016

Katsutoshi HATSUZAWA

Publisher: Shumpu-sha

Street photography taken by Katsutoshi Hatsuzawa in the Asakusa ward of Tokyo. The images in this 500 page strong book were taken in the five years between 2011 and 2016.

“Asakusa will show you glimpses of the essential contradictions of the Japanese people.
Asakusa - a town for the tourists, a town for the artists and artisans, a town of so much more.
In his photos, Hatsuzawa surprises with sights and people you were sure you could find in Asakusa but have never seen yourself.
A record of Asakusa in the 2010s, a town where the old has always mixed with the new.”
— from the publisher’s statement (translation by shashasha)


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238 x 180 mm
520 Pages
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