Beast in Silence

Beast in Silence

Takeshi DODO

Publisher: akaaka-sha

Takeshi Dodo’s Beast in Silence captures the inhabitants and nature found within the Nara Basin. The images portray Dodo’s journey back to his birthplace the feelings and emotions encountered with his return. Here traditions and ways of a past life are revealed, removed from the modernity and landscapes of the man made, Dodo’s imagery captures a life intwined with land. In and amongst the photographs captured lies the presence of nature; omnipresent and quiet permeating throughout all aspects of life, manifesting the physical landscape itself and determining the daily rituals of tradition and harvest. Underlying these notions of ritual within the photographs, Dodo captures the land, silent and sleepless, a place where man lies entangled, bound to an inescapable fate of oblivion.

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