Beyond Humanity

Beyond Humanity

YAO Jui-Chung

Publisher: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

“Beyond Humanity” is a collection of black and white documentary photographs capturing the ruins of the symbols the Taiwanese culture. Yao Jui-Chang’s works have received much criticism due to its strong political emphasis and somewhat disturbing images, and “Beyond Humanity”, his photobook originally published in 1998 is no exception. Although the themes of his work vary, one of his foci is to “examine the absurdity of the historical destiny of humanity.”(excerpt from profile)

The subjects vary from newer symbols of past parks and buildings to more traditional symbols including fallen statues of Buddha, but what is captured in common here is the neglection by its creators. These cultural symbols, and we as observers suffer from the conflict between aesthetic value and utilitarian intentions, but what is drawn from this is left to the individual.

Keywords: Documentary


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218 x 305 mm
152 page
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