cuba Revolver 3

cuba Revolver 3


Publisher: Self-published

Taichi Tomiyama’s “Cuba Revolver 3”, a photographic re-enactment of his trip to Cuba in 2007.

“In 2007, I went on a backpacking trip to Cuba. I shot countless rolls of film while I was there.
However, the camera’s shutter didn’t work properly: when I had returned to Japan, I noticed more than half of the film I shot contained not a single image.
I felt the desire to make up for all the landscapes and events I didn’t capture and decided to re-enact my experiences with the film I had left and with the books, photographs and prints that I had picked up while traveling. It became an artwork that told its own, new story.
With my original photographs gone, I was faced with a certain ambiguity regarding my own memories. By distorting the new images I had made, by trimming them, enlarging them, flipping them and joining them into collages, I tried to stimulate my eyes and my way of seeing.”
— from the artist’s statement

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