Days In Between


Days In Between


Publisher: Self-published

“Days in Between”, the second photobook by Japanese photographer Michi Nakano, is dedicated to the ephemeral beauty of everyday life. No matter the circumstances, the location or the events, Nakano understands every moment of life as completely unique. His sensual captures follow the flow of Nakano’s perspective, wander between shared and intimate situations, between micro and macro. Through subtle connections between the light glistening on the surface of water, the way a woman’s hair cradles her neck, the shape of a cloud in a particular moment, stars visible at night and snow covering a vast field, Nakano searches for meaning and value despite the finiteness of life, for the beauty in those days in between birth and death.

“When the time comes, everything will be gone, and my life will be summarized someday, too. ‘We are all going to be stars,’ someone once told me. I am always awed thinking that the present, the day we are living, is approaching the other side of the universe until we appear as stars.”
― from Michi Nakano’s afterword (included in Japanese and in English translation)


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Book Size
270 × 215 mm
96 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese

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