Takuroh TOYAMA

Publisher: Fu-10 LLC.

Takuroh Toyama’s book “Devenir” unites seven series created by the Japanese photographer in a single volume. Presented in different paper sizes, papers and layouts, the more than 500 photographs in seven series (“Camera Obscura”, “Error”, “Portrait”, “Object”, “[[ ]]”, “2020”, and “My Future”) immerse the viewer in a world of objects, appearances and relations mediated through Toyama’s photographic eye.

Through different techniques and styles (from camera obscura photography of projected images to visual everyday life records made using digital cameras), Toyama affirms the transformative effect of photography on situations, things and relationships, all captured and presented with a certain addictive lightness. The multilayered nature of the book weaves Toyama’s individual experimentations into a single, cohesive experience of expansive limitlessness within finite confines.


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Book Size
297 × 220 mm
254 pages
Softcover, Slipcase
Publication Year
Limited Edition