Drawing a Line

Drawing a Line


Publisher: MCV MCV


Wataru Yamamoto’s Drawing A Line is a collection of self-portraits taken in a forest in Kumano. Using a cable release, Yamamoto’s images enframe the photographer within his environment. Captured in black and white, the cable release held by Yamanoto is immediately visible, connecting both machine to photographer before becoming lost and indistinguishable amongst the branches and ferns within the forest. Here Yamamoto’s photobook represents a physical manifestation of Yamamoto’s artistic interest and growth. Taken in intervals between October 2010 and March 2011 the photobook contains an afterword written by Yamamoto as well as a foreword by Dan Abbe.

"It's been about a year since I first exhibited "Drawing a Line", and I've since been afforded a bit more space to think about what it was for me. This work collects photographs shot in a virgin forest in Kumamo, first in October 2010, and once again in March 2011. It's clear enough that these phtographs have been strongly influenced by this special place, as well as my own thinking about 'nature photography'. But now, in thinking about "Drawing a Line", I find myself considering the fact that these two dates straddle 3/11. The first time, I went alone, with the desire to become one with the forest. In the photographs, I had the feeling of living together with the forest, and this gave me a great sense of satisfaction. The second time , I went together with two friends; I could not go alone. Seeing everything through the filter of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, I was ill at ease. The feeling I had in the forest was enormously different from the first time. I thought endlessley of questions. What was there beyond the camera looking at me and the forest? Who would look at these photographs? Where would they see them? Who was I connecting to? The first time I had the experience of entering into the photographs, but the second time it was as if I was turning away from them. It felt like I had no choice but to turn in this way."

  • Wataru Yamamoto
Keywords: Nature Conceptual


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Book Size
303 x 231mm
48 page
Publication Date
Limited Edition
Japanese, English

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