Einmal ist Keinmal

Einmal ist Keinmal


Publisher: Therme Books

"It is about freezing a single moment that will never recur and looking at it again and again. It is about capturing a moment which never happened at all through a camera lens.
A certain moment will never recur, ever again. Although everything seems accidental, surely nothing happens by sheer chance. Or it may be an act of capturing a sole adn precious moment. Attempting to perfectly preserve a certain moment, Or trying to accurately convey a message, Is impossible. But for the photographers, it's a good thing. Maybe photography is simply a means to connect with people. Maybe it is merely a symbol for things we perceive. So what is photograph?
That remains a mystery. Having sad that the life composed by consecutive precious moments, Is also happens just once, or never happens."

  • Mika Kitamura, Einmal ist Keinmal 2013
Keywords: Photo Diary Snapshot

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Book Size
200 x 225 mm
136 pages
Hard cover
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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