Fur (Unseen 2022 Edition)

Fur (Unseen 2022 Edition)


Publisher: LibroArte

With signed original print

With “Fur”, photography artist and SPEW collective member Koji Kitagawa presents a limited edition photobook created on occasion of the 2022 Unseen Photography Fair in Amsterdam.

Over the course of its 32 pages, “Fur” cycles through a succession of the same saccharine picture of three puppies. As each image has been output using various copiers set to different settings, the results differ in color, contrast, tone and atmosphere. In some images, there is something faintly tragic to the puppies, in others they seem almost menacing.
The series was originally created in 2015, then screened as a slideshow at “Slideluck Tokyo” in 2016, and re-edited for a gallery show in London in 2021.

Each copy of “Fur” includes a signed print by Koji Kitagawa.

Original Print
Paper Size: 254 x 203 mm
Image Size: 247 x 185 mm


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Book Size
297 × 210 mm
32 pages
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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