Haida-cho district -The youth shall inherit the sea-

Haida-cho district -The youth shall inherit the sea-


Publisher: Sokyusha

Haidacho is a small fishing village of about 130 people located in Japan’s Mie prefecture. The village needs the help of young people in order to survive. Luckily, the village is in possession of a special large fishing net, helping it attract young people wanting to work in fishing. The village upholds its old customs while welcoming young, new people from outside into its midst.
Japanese photographer Keiichi Kubo has spent more than six years photographing the village, its people, the fishers and their work.

“A good tide will yield a good catch. It would be pointless to be angry at nature when the catch is not good. And after a spell of poor hauls, a good tide comes along and with it a good catch. Everyone smiles then. The entire fishing village is enveloped in smiles.”
— from Keiichi Kubo’s afterword

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230 × 264 mm
72 pages, 66 images
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English, Japanese
Limited Edition