Haruo Ohara Fotografias

Haruo Ohara Fotografias


Publisher: Saudade Books

The unknown photographs of Brazil-emigrant Haruo Ohara (1909-1999) are a record of a daily life viewed like a beloved treasure. After getting a camera, the first thing Ohara captured was - the face of his wife.

In 2016, his images were shown as part of the exhibition “Photographer Haruo Ohara - Light of Brazil, Scenes of a Family” at the Kouchi Prefectural Art Museum, Itami City Museum of Art and Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts.

Haruo Ohara is the only Japanese photographer whose work is included in Brazil’s leading historic photography archive at the Moreira Salles Institute. This is the first photobook published in Japan to compile 180 monochromatic photos from the precious collection.

“For Ohara, photographs meant nothing else but bestowing beauty and dignity upon the lives that people trusted him with.” -excerpt from “Shunkan no rekishi” by Ryuta Imafuku (critic, anthropologist)

-statement by the publisher

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