heavens of light, planet of solitude

heavens of light, planet of solitude


Publisher: Self-published

With a selection of photographs from thousands of images – from streetsnaps to portraits and abstract images of objects and architecture – Kan Sawa’s latest publication “Heavens of Light, Planet of Solitude” provides a succinct overview of the things and sights that caught the Japanese photographer’s attention in the past few years.
Sawa’s photos play with the borderline between reality and fiction and manage to evoke an atmosphere in which truth, mystery, past and present coexist and mingle.
The photobook is published on occasion of Sawa’s exhibition at AL, Tokyo.

“Light was emitted 138 billion years ago.
Striking a 46-billion-year-old ray,
it gleamed on to create this world.
A void of a world that was simply there,
but once caught in the light it became a real image.
People let that light pass through them,
questioned the world before their eyes,
even came to doubt the light and deny all unseen imaginings,
then started to make their own light to cover the world.
As that light leaks out across the heavens,
the tainted sky erodes my mind,
making the world look imaginary to my sleepless eyes.
Yet even so, I believed it.
This world has set out in search of the future”
— Kan Sawa

Book Size
173 × 135 mm
404 pages
Hardcover, slipcase
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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