I am that I am

I am that I am

Masahiro KODAIRA

Publisher: Taka Ishii Gallery

The photobook ‘I am that I am’ accompanies Masahiro Kodaira’s 2018 Taka Ishii Gallery exhibition of the same title.
In the series, Kodaira focuses his attention on the intentions behind his desire to photograph. Sights and moments that caused his desire to point the camera become, in his highly processed black-and-white film photography, transformed into almost abstract, sometimes pattern-like images.

“When I walk about as I please, my eyes are drawn to things for reasons I don’t understand. Even as I feel some discomfort, I hold up my camera, adjust a couple of dials, and focus in on my psychological target. Why did I look at it? When I noticed it, I was already looking at it. I’m still looking at it. It maybe that usually, such an event would be explained by saying, “I felt like it.” Thought about more seriously, however, it’s a terrifying thing. Was it really me that felt like it? And how did I start looking at it? I’m shaken by the fact that I notice things only after the eye perceives them. “

— from the artist’s statement

Keywords: Still life Landscape


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190 x 190
48 pages, 36 images
English, Japanese
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