Infinity ∞ Shintai no Yukue

Infinity ∞ Shintai no Yukue


Publisher: KYURYUDO

Infinity, an anthology revealing the true strengths of Miyako Ishiuchi’s career, comprises photos taken under the theme “Body” from the late 1980s until the present day.

On the advent of her 40th birthday, Ishiuchi turned her photographic gaze from landscapes and architecture towards human subjects, and portrayed women born in the same year as her for her photo book “1947”.
She has focused on showing the traces - wrinkles, scars - left by the passage of time on the human body, in series such as “1906 to the skin”, for which she captured the body of legendary dancer Kazuo Oono; in “Tsume” she closely observed the arms, legs and digits of the male body; “Scars” and “Innocence” feature close-up photography of wounds; for “A to A”, Ishiuchi pursued a transgender theme.
After the death of her mother in 2000, she photographed objects she had left behind in “Mother’s” and pursued this theme further for her “Hiroshima” series, for which she traced the absent bodies in the clothes of atomic bomb victims, giving thought to the daily life once enjoyed by each deceased individual.

After the limited time that has been spent as a living being, where does the body go?
Through Ishiuchi’s sharpened view, we receive the impression of tangibility of that timeless, unlimited world - infinity - that waits on the other side of the figures photographed.

-excerpt from the publisher’s description

Keywords: Gender

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Decades No.1 2000_20 Issue

Ai IWANE, Miyako ISHIUCHI, Antoine d'AGATA, Eric, SHEN Chao-Liang , Ryuichi ISHIKAWA, Seung Woo BACK, LUO Dan, Jinhee KIM, Mandela HUDSON


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