Japanese Photography Since 1945

Japanese Photography Since 1945

Publisher: Seigensha

The Japanese edition of Lena Fritsch’s “Ravens and Red Lipstick.” Based on extensive research, “Japanese Photography Since 1945” provides an in-depth, chronological overview of Japanese photography since the end of the Second World-War. Featuring an abundance of photographs by significant artists as well as interviews with photographers such as Daido Moriyama, Rinko Kawauchi, Ninagawa Mika and Nobuyoshi Araki, the book traces the development of Japanese photography from the post-war era through the protest movement of the 1960s up to modern, contemporary photography and its place within the global context.
“The book not only provides rich, multivalent context for its arresting images, but also hope for more nuanced understandings of traditions not our own” — from the Los Angeles Times review

Please note that this Japanese edition does not feature any English text.

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