Chugoku no Tabi (“Journey to China”) Reprint

Chugoku no Tabi (“Journey to China”) Reprint


Publisher: Seisodo

The Japanese photography icon’s posthumous masterpiece finally available again

Ihei Kimura is one of Japan’s most celebrated photographers. “Chugoku no Tabi” ("Journey to China"), his last book, released two months after his death in 1974, features photographs taken by Kimura during several trips to and through China between 1964 and 1973, the period of the Cultural Revolution.

In color and monochrome photographs taken on the streets streets, in parks, restaurants, workshops, leisure spots and at theater performances, Kimura documented ordinary people living their daily lives, always focused on the humanity of his subjects. Featuring some of his last images, the book allows readers a close look at Kimura’s refined, unique style as a photographer.

This reprint of “Chugoku no Tabi” ("Journey to China") was supervised by Takeyoshi Tanuma, a disciple of Ihei Kimura’s. The cover retains Hiromu Hara’s original powerful design. The book also includes an essay by Kenzo Nakajima as well as an afterword by Ihei Kimura written shortly before his death (all texts included in Japanese and in Chinese translation).

About Ihei Kimura
Ihei Kimura is a pioneer of Japanese photography who, along with Ken Domon, is regarded as one of Japan’s great masters. His work has had an immeasurable impact on photographers both during and after his lifetime. Following his death in 1974, the Kimura Ihei Award for new photographers was established in his honor and remains one of Japan’s most important photography awards.

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Book Size
250 × 240 mm
236 pages
Publication Year
Japanese, Chinese

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