Les Piques de la Mante

Les Piques de la Mante

WANG Xuanhe

Publisher: Imageless

Few photobooks offer as many surprises and ideas as Wang Xuanhe’s “Les Piques de la Mante”. Whether through choice of subject, framing or even the layout within the book, Wang Xuanhe manages to catch us off-guard and cause us to ponder the deeper layers of his photos.

“Today, while the internet is increasingly closing the gap between East and West, the conflict between cultures is still significant. In the eyes of Wang Xuanhe—who lived in France for fifteen years—these conflicts are expressed in pictures. ‘Les Piques de la Mante’ is an interpretation of the ‘absurd reality.’”
— from the publisher’s description

Book Size
240 × 170 mm
70 pages
Publication Date
English, Chinese
Limited Edition