Losolmo Gym

Losolmo Gym

Daisuke ITO

Publisher: Zen Foto Gallery

"More than the development of the muscles of the body, there is the development of the muscles of the soul. It is not only task of the athletes but task of instructors, of trainers, and of all…" FIDEL CASTRO, 10 July 1996
Losolmo gym is in Cuba’s second city of Santiago. The boys here train barefoot, dressed in little more than rags. The equipment is decrepit. The boxing ring floor is unevenly patched together, the ropes are frayed. The images are overwhelmingly romantic and beautiful. Each of these impoverished Cuban boys carries the dream of becoming a champion. I think it is not for the money, not even for the fame, but for these boys to be a boxer is the noble and heroic pinnacle of human aspiration.

Book Size
182 x 257 mm
36 pages, 27 images
Publication Date
English, Japanese, chainese
Limited Edition

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