Mass production

Mass production

Darren SOH

Publisher: Self-published

Darren Soh’s photobook “Mass Production” features architectural photos taken in his hometown of Singapore. His photographs focusing on buildings of impressive design and enormous scale, Soh’s images give an idea of the vision and grandeur of Singaporean architecture. The buildings he photographed come in two states – finished buildings and structures-in-construction – and the book is an attempt to chronicle Singapore’s ever-changing urban landscape.

“Most new developments in Singapore occur at a scale that would have been unheard of a decade ago, yet this is becoming the new normal. Projects like the Singapore Sports Hub and The Interlace condominium are just some recent examples. Because these developments are so massively monumental, it is easy to forget the structures that previously stood in their places. In time to come, they too will be replaced, and in Singapore, this replacement cycle seems to be getting shorter.” (from Darren Soh’s afterword)

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