Publisher: Asia One

"Megafauna" is a term used by archaeologists and biologists to describe large mammals weighing more than 45 kg. We, human beings, are a possible member group of "megafauna". Unlike other species that look for a stable environment for their existence, we have an impulsion to modify the surroundings, and this has destroyed our intimacy with the nature. Today, we find our homes and workplaces in skyscrapers. We take up a life style that changes at high speed. We have made our time a "mega era"—an era when things disappear before we understand and remember them. In this book, four local photographers, the co-founders of Lumenvisum, have tried to record and re-discover the changing faces of our city with photography. They have attempted to explore the relationship between a "megafauna" species and a place called Hong Kong. Their compelling images call for our reflection on this particular moment of time in the "mega era" we have made.


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254 mm x 254 mm
168 pages
English, Chinese
Hard Cover
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