Memoires 1983

Memoires 1983

Seiichi FURUYA

Publisher: akaaka-sha

"Memoires 1983" takes the reader through the entire year of 1983, in chronological order, using the photographs of Seiichi Furuya and the corresponding journal entries of his late wife Christiane. The reason for choosing 1983 is that it was in this year in which Furuya began to notice the symptoms of Christiane's depression, which would eventually lead to her suicide in 1985. Furuya felt that, with some greater distance from these events, it was important to show his photographs and Christiane's words together. Furuya's photographs tend to show his daily life in Austria, focusing on Christiane and their young son. It's now difficult to see them as anything but signals of the cruel fact that the two people were heading on different paths.
Christiane Gossler's diary entries appear in the original German and Japanese.


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Book Size
228 × 193 mm
312 pages
Art Director
Seiichi Furuya
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