Monolith called bathtub

Monolith called bathtub

Hideaki MAKI

Publisher: makira

For “Monolith called Bathtub”, Hideaki Maki photographed built-in bathtub units – taken from old, remodeled houses in Japan – that now sit outside, in the wild. Some of them abandoned, others repurposed (as water collectors in fields or makeshift storage units), they seem somewhat harmonious with their surrounds while at the same time being at absolute odds with their new location.

“The diverse types of bathtubs may represent the changing times; the way of re-purposing: the day-to-day human deeds; how these never-decomposing materials are abandoned: what humans have done and where they are going.” — from Hideaki Maki’s afterword

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Book Size
210 x 147 mm
96 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese