Neither Volume 1

Neither Volume 1

Tenzing DAKPACharlie ENGMANAnu KUMARLorenzo VITTURIVarious Artists

Publisher: Bharat Sikka Studio

Two covers available / Back cover may be slightly scratched (see photo gallery for details)

“No Grand Narrative” – as the subtitle for this first issue of “Neither” suggests, instead of highlighting a single greater theme or issue the magazine is focused on providing a new space to experiment and expand photography. While the magazine is based in India, its contributors include artists based various countries of South Asia. Comprising more than 360 pages, “Neither” affords each series the necessary space to breath and unfold. Additionally, the first issue includes three interviews (Devavish Gaur & Raghav Pasricha, Millo Ankha & Sunil Sha, Sunil Sha & Alisha Clytus Sett) as well as an editorial statement.

“The world today is ravaged by inequalities exacerbated by power in all its forms, perpetuating class, racial and religious difference as the cause of societal problems. Much of this has roots in systemic issues, and we need the resolute articulation of counter-narratives and alternative strategies that can promote ideas of humanity and community. Like the producers of Neither, the artists featured do not claim to represent any such lofty issues or ideals – indeed, grand narratives – but hopefully, our collective enunciations offer us the coda for inspiring new beginnings.”
― from editor-in-chief Sunil Sha’s editorial statement

Featured artists and series:
Contact/Asterism by Kaamna Patel
Town Boy by Sathish Kumar
U R Welcome by Charlie Engman
Four Lakes by Katrin Koenning
Ari by Tenzing Dakpa
People of Clay by Akshay Mahajan
Tamasha by Abhishek Khedekar
The Ballad of the Wise Heads by Lorenzo Vitturi
Dad and His Indian Friends by Olgac Bozalp
Do you see what I see, when I look at me by Miraj Patel
The Maruni by Muna Gurung
Ghar by Anu Kumar
The Painter of Princess Street by Philippe Calia, and
Joker by Kapil

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368 pages
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Neither Volume 1

Various Artists, Tenzing DAKPA, Charlie ENGMAN, Anu KUMAR, Lorenzo VITTURI