Photographic Materials of the North China Transport Company

Photographic Materials of the North China Transport Company

Publisher: Kokushokankokai

This vast collection of photographs taken by the North China Transport Company – a transportation company established in the puppet state of the Provisional Government of the Republic of China during Imperial Japan’s occupation – had been part of the collection of the Kyoto University Institute for Research in Humanities for more than 70 years after the end of World War II. This two-volume publication is the first time these invaluable images are available to the public eye.

The first volume – “Photographs” – presents images categorized into six chapters – North China Transport Company, Resources, Industry, Lifestyle & Culture, Routes, and Miscellaneous, for photographs that fit into none of the other categories – and provides a detailed overview of lost landscapes, customs, lifestyles, railroads and industries from the eyes of the occupying Imperial force. The second volume features many detailed essays and texts that provide further historical context and explanations.

Please note that all text is only included in Japanese.

Keywords: China War


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