Parks in Seoul

Parks in Seoul

PARK Hyunsung

Publisher: 6699press

Hyunsung Park’s photobook “Parks in Seoul” is a celebration of Seoul’s parks, forests and public gardens. With the public awareness of their importance heightened due to the impact of the Corona pandemic, Park’s photographs capture the moments and sceneries that make public parks such an important and precious aspect of city life. Accentuated by its design and its choice of paper, “Parks in Seoul” is both a calm visual experience as well as a celebration of parks as public plazas, as places of relaxation and encounters and as a vital space to integrate plants and fauna into the urban landscape. Throughout the book, several short stories by Kim Mokin (included in Korean and in English translation) pay further homage to Seoul’s parks.

“I want this book to be an instrument to share the joy of living together and the preciousness of existence. And I also wish that the mingling of people and other living beings in parks and in the woods will never disappear.”
― from Lee Jaeyoung (6699press)’s preface

Keywords: Korea Nature Memory
Book Size
230 × 171 mm
256 pages
Softcover, Slipcase
Publication Year
English, Korean

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