Satoru Watanabe's _prana _contains a selection of a images which encapsulate his personal reflection upon gods and spirituality. Influenced by his Buddhist grandmother and ignited by a chance encounter with legendary free diver Jacques Mayol on Chichi Jima locatedin the Ogasawaraarchipelago, Watanabe's curiosity and interest with spirituality and nature's life forcesteadily grew along the years as he matured and grew older. The resulting images within this publication caputure scenes which reference both elements of known gods and of the mysteries which surround both life and nature.

"When I take photographs, I sometimes feel an invisible energy. I feel as though this energy exists, not only in the nature, but also in the lives of each and every thing, including human lives. Whenever I try to express these feelings into words, I recall the term 'prana' that the old skinny man used to refer to "

  • Satoru Watanabe excerpt from prana
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