Project Family

Project Family

Motoyuki DAIFU

Publisher: Dashwood

“My mother sleeps everyday. My dad does chores. My brothers fight. There are trash bags all over the place. Half-eaten dinners, cat poop, mountains of clothes: this is my lovable daily life, and a lovable Japan.” 

-Motoyuki Daifu 

Published in 2014 by Dashwood books, Motoyuki’s Project Family invites viewers into his small 5 bedroom family home in Yokohama, Japan. Using snapshot styled images, Motoyuki captures domestic life allowing us all to indulge in the humorous mundanities of his family life presenting which are both foreign and familiar. Blurring the boundaries between personal experience and work, Project Family is a cluster of comfort and familial objects which stands faithful to the truths and tropes of family life in Japan today. 

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