Katsuhito NAKAZATO

Publisher: sana-v

From Boso to Izu and Kishu, I started on the night journey. By Kuroshio or Black Current, I had been lured to move along the seashore with the landscape of the waves. Sometimes, the seashore seems to turn into the fare-away extraordinary world. Common sights have vanished and we could encounter the landscape that happen to arise the mythology or the primordial landscape as we slip into the extraordinary world, but it is also this read world. On the edge of the surf at night, by Kuroshio or Black Current, the ancient times and old familiar scent of the air drift to and old memories of the world that have not been changed about thousands of years or the ancient dreamy landscapes that shakes our animal memories hidden in ourselves have slept there. Between the veils and landscapes, Ryu-Guu (the ancient landscape on the shore) have arisen, which are innocent scenery as prevision the extraordinary world beyond the veil.

― Artist statement

Keywords: Landscape


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365 x 258 mm
20 pages
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Katsuhito NAKAZATO



Katsuhito NAKAZATO

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