Salute,Mr. Bruno Taut


Salute,Mr. Bruno Taut


Publisher: Self-published

This is alimitededition of Tamami Iinuma’s photographic series “Salute, Mr. Bruno Taut”. This series presents a more personal feeling from her to Bruno Taut through 38 colorful photographs from 2011 to 2014. She prints all the pages by hand on acid-free Italian paper and binds each photobook by herself using hand-colored strings.



Here Bruno Taut's modernist architecture is captured and aptly correlated with printed matter. Place and form take play within each image, introducing the reader into the world of the architect's vision. The photographs present Taut's designs as inseparable from its environment; where pattern, colour and structure act and play alongside its surroundings. Shadows of trees rest against walls, colours are reflected and complimented with surrounding objects. Through the images captured Iinuma creates an all encompassing and personalrepresentation of Taut's architecture,which is both playful and refreshing, introducing the viewer to Taut's built realities within its spatial realm.

Keywords: Snapshot

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