Sha Shin Magazine Vol. 1

"Sha Shin" is a new magazine launched in January 2022 that aims to share, foster and support the wealth of contemporary Japanese photography in the form of a printed magazine.

Featuring new series by Daido Moriyama, Keizo Kitajima, Daisuke Yokota, Yusuke Yamatani, Hiroko Komatsu, Mayumi Hosokura, Osamu Kanemura, photographs and contributions by a number of other photographers, essays, reviews, critical examinations, interviews, special features such as a dialogue between Daido Moriyama and Keizo Kitajima, photobook recommendations and a number of other texts by members of Japan’s photography community, “Sha Shin Vol. 1” both provides a great snapshot of contemporary Japanese photography and serves as a welcome stimulation to those who help shape it.

This first volume features English translations of all statements by the photographers listed above as well as Shun Kobayashi’s extensive essay about Tokyo as a theme of Japanese photography. Please note that many other texts are only available in Japanese.
Although much of the written content is reserved for Japanese-speaking readers, the many photographs and series by veteran and up-and-coming photographers should make Sha Shin’s first issue a worthy read for anyone interested in contemporary Japanese photography.

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207 × 145 mm
280 pages
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English, Japanese

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Sha Shin Magazine Vol. 1

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