Shin Yanagisawa 1958-2008

Shin Yanagisawa 1958-2008


Publisher: Only-Photography

Three different covers available

Published in 2013, Only-Photography’s publication ofShin Yanagisawa 1958-2008 offers a rare opportunity to view Yanagisawa’s oeuvre within a single publication. Born in Tokyo in 1936 and having graduated from Tokyo College of Photography, Yanagisawa was part of the influential generation of Japanese post-war photographers of the 1960s and 1970s. Shin Yanagisawa passed away in 2008, making this an invaluable source in understanding his photographic career and a great contribution to making his work public. Included within are images from four of Yanagisawa’s most important body of works,_Traces in the City: Urban life in the sixties, Nightlife: An Erotic Adventure, Generations: My Fellow Countrymen and True Love: An Encounter in Hokkaido._This publication also contains an afterword by Editor and Only-Photography founder Roland Angst as well as a previously published text by Shin-Yanagisawa.

The photobook is available in both Japanese and English and comes with a choice of three different cover designs.

Keywords: Snapshot


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245 x 325 mm
127 pages
Hard cover
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Limited Edition

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