Situated Latency

Situated Latency

Kishio SUGA

Publisher: HeHe

Kishio Suga is one of the artists who represent an art movement rose in around 1970, called Mono-ha (School of Things). In this exhibition catalogue, Suga’s works produced in the 1970s, when his concept is radically embodied in his works, are mainly published in color, while 48 years of his work history, from 1967 to 2015, is also included in black and white pages. In addition, essays and commentaries on Suga’s works and his production notes by curators of Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, as well as by director of Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art give added depth to this book and let us further explore Suga’s profound and original concept that still increases its importance today.

― Statement from publisher


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Book Size
260 x 210 mm
200 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese