some walls china

some walls china

James H Bollen

Publisher: Self-published

Some Walls China

The walls in James H Bollen’s’s “Some Walls China” may not be visible from space, as the popular myth about China’s Great Wall purports, but they provide a glimpse at walls—as barriers, as separators, as broken-down obstacles, as canvasses for art—in the China of today.

“I have always felt there is a Great Wall around me. This Great Wall is made of old bricks, and new ones. Cemented together the two form the wall, which surrounds the people.

When will new bricks stop being added to it?

This mighty but infernal Great Wall!”

– Lu Xun, May 11, 1925


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Book Size
210 × 180 mm
40 pages
Publication Date
English, Chinese
Limited Edition

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