Something Blue

Something Blue

YAO Jui-Chung

Publisher: Waterfall

The greatest myth of history is not about being born then gradually die but the fact that we are constantly experiencing death in its perpetuity.

–––– Notes from 1993.8.19

Established Taiwanese artist Jui-Chung Yao selected from a bulk amount of his unpublished black and white photographs taken in the last twenty years, collaborating with independent publishing house Waterfall for the photo book Something Blue. 50 photographs are included in this book, whose bookbinding design, made of artificial leather, is inspired by the vintage photo album. Included in the second part of the book are excerpts from his notebooks, which give readers a glimpse to the artist’s own personal fleeting memories. The sense of loss and evanescence within the missing pages and chapters, on the other hand, is palpable and resonates with those who share similar life experiences.


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Book Size
200 × 280 mm
CMYK offset, Embossed hardcover
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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