Still Lake

“In 2009, on a foggy morning, in a nameless mountain, I was feeling the tranquility of the environment The rising fog was spreading in all directions, blurring my vision. The site felt like a soundless dreamscape; so quiet, as if it were empty of all.” — from Liu Ke’s foreword

Liu Ke’s tranquil and thoughtful photographs in “Still Lake” were taken in the regions around the Three Gorges Dam, the largest civil engineering project in history. His project took him along the banks of the Yangtse River, where he documented the consequences and the human and natural costs of the dam for three years. His photographs are filled with motion and poetry, in them we find human intervention manifest itself as an almost surreal or magical machine, larger than any individual and larger than the landscapes.


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Book Size
290 × 240 × 18 mm
142 pages, 101 images
Publication Year
English, Chinese
Limited Edition